International Tranfer-Repeating payment?

I was wondering if it is possible to do a repeat international transaction in the app, or set up a transfer on a regular basis to a European account… As i see it, currently i have to enter all the information in each time i want to transfer to an non-UK account, even when i have transferred money to this beneficiery before…
Is there a way around this?
Looking forward to hearing from you

I don’t see why not.

When on the payments screen, make sure you switch to the scheduled tab (at the top) and do your transfer here. You can then pick frequency and such.

I don’t have an international account to test this with but I can see the options to input one.

Thanks, i tried that but it doesnt come up with the option to do this on a regular basis… Nor can i just repeat a previous international transaction…

If you use the TransferWise app you don’t need to put the information again, I’m not sure whether or not you can set up a regular transfer, though.

There’s a company called Currencies Direct which will do regular transfers.