✅ Interest statements/reports for Savings Pots

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t Monzo have to supply this information at the end of the tax year? I know my other banks do this.

They do, and they will if you ask via in app chat I’ve discovered, but not self-service.

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:shushing_face: :soon: :tm:


Whereabouts does that live in the app?


Ah maaaaan. Doing my Self Assessment return right now, I need this feature ASAP!!

Are you on Android?


Really glad to hear this feature is coming soon. Fortunately I did my self assessment in April (:innocent:) but I’d like to do my next one in April 2020 so would be good to have it done by then.

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It was possible to reach this screen using a ‘deeplink’ but I believe it’s been switched back off now? :wink:

This feature is currently in staff testing :ok_hand: so I’m sure it won’t be too long before it’s ready to ship to the masses! :tada::package: (In 2020 of course :yum:)

@jamoiholland We can spin up interest statements for you manually :blush: just drop us a message in the app and ask for an interest statement for 2018/19’s tax year and it’ll make its way over to the team I work with and we’ll send you a shiny PDF :star2:


Does the PDF actually shine?


Nope :wink:


If you print it out and cover it in glitter it will! :joy:

We’ll see about that :wink: (Kidding :joy:)

It was visible for everyone and then we pushed a change so only people who were feature_flagged could see it (i.e. staff), either the fix hasn’t worked or it worked and your feature_flag is just True for some reason :yum:

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Very good to hear this is.
Just one question, are these Statements just a statement of Interest only or will these include individual Pot Transactions (Deposit & Withdrawals) also?

These are only Interest Statements as the topic title and screenshot suggest.

Whether something else is being done elsewhere is a topic for another thread I guess. :slight_smile:

This isn’t something that the app generates (yet) :see_no_evil: but you can message in via chat and it’ll get escalated to a specialist and we’ll be able to generate a full ‘Pot Statement’ for you :sunglasses:

That’s spot on :ok_hand::smile:

It’s now possible to generate these in the Monzo app :tada:

To download your interest statement for the 2018/19 tax year, just head to your Savings Pot and tap ‘See interest statements’. Or, go to your Current Account and tap ‘Account’, under your card - you’ll see an option, ‘Interest Statements’ :blush:


Interesting - it covers all pots in one fell swoop :+1:

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But that’s only for the whole tax year. I still can’t see how much interest was gained each individual month.

Do you need this for a particular reason or just curiosity?

You get a notification at the end of each month. If you don’t dismiss these from your feed you can search for them


If you jump into Chat with us, ask us for a Pot statement / full breakdown :ok_hand:

You’ll get popped over into a specialist queue and we can send over a PDF which includes all the deposits & withdrawals of your Pot(s) and shows any interest payments on the 1st of each month (where applicable) :grin:

Butu as @Rat_au_van suggests, there are notifications & feed items which also show your monthly interest payouts if you don’t fancy a full-on PDF :blush: