Integration with Amex

(Micky) #184

Although Emma is able to analyse Amex data and place it into categories similar to what Monzo use, so it can be done


Good shout.

Would be interesting how it looks when it’s done!

(Frank) #186

Are you using open banking APIs for this with Amex or just using customer log in information?


They’re going through truelayer which requires your username/password for AMEX.

(Frank) #188

Ah okay.


When we get transaction level data in Monzo, it should be possible to redesign Summary to do all of this. That would be epic.

(That’s a theoretical should, btw. As far as I know Monzo has no plans in this area).

(Chris Bigg) #190

Anyone know when this is being rolled out?



Hopefully in the next week or so!

(Mitch Ford) #193

Any news on this feature :slight_smile:?


Check out the post two above yours @Mitch_ford

(Mitch Ford) #195

Thanks, but I meant since then, it’s bern about 2 weeks since that statement


Since the quote said 2-3 weeks, maybe ask again at the end of next week.

(Mitch Ford) #197


(Adam) #198

It’s been hinted heavily that this is coming to labs this week. Possibly today if there’s an Android beta / iOS testflight release.


I suppose we’re not getting Amex in labs this week then? :disappointed:

(Petya Hristova) #200

Brilliant idea! The bulk of my expenses are on AmEx so I use the ExpenSense budgeting app to see where my £ goes. It’s a very lame app- very boring interface etc. But it got me thinking that, if integration with AmEx is too complicated, perhaps there could be an option for manual entry and categorisation of AmEx/other expenses :thinking:


Is there a reason you use this over automated account aggregators? Some of which do have nice interfaces.

(Petya Hristova) #202

@o99, it’s out of habit + ignorance :flushed: Could you recommend one of these ‘automated account aggregators’? Never heard of such a thing :grimacing:


My favourite is Emma.

In case you don’t like it, others that support both Monzo and Amex include Yolt, Money Dashboard, and MoneyHub.

Several traditional banks are also now doing account aggregation with spending analytics (e.g. HSBC Connected Money). These probably support Amex but not Monzo.