Insurance for phone?

@maitland88 I claimed with Urban Jungle and had 0 issues. One phone call, emailed over some documents and then a final phone call to confirm. They had no issue with the replacement devices I bought even though they were slightly more expensive than the ones that were stolen and my premium only went up £4 a month. Whole thing took just over a couple weeks.

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Referral link for Urban Jungle can be found in here if interested Referral Wiki: Post/Find Here

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Your post is no longer flagged but to help explain…

Referral links go on the referral wiki. The reason being is that topics just get filled with people constantly posting them otherwise which detracts from the conversation and it makes it hard to follow. :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the advice @Ordog, never seen this wiki on here before & didn’t know there was a proper way to do it.


Took your advice and replaced the front screen (back still pretty smashed but have put it in a case).

Both cameras not working, power button also not working (solved with assistive touch), and the screen has a bit of light seeping in on the corner).

Everything else seems to be OK though, phone calls fine, touch ID fine, charges fine etc.

Guess we’ll see how long it lasts, but well worth it so I could properly backup. Hopefully it’ll keep going until the iPhone 12 comes out.

Thank you!

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That’s great.

Glad it worked out.