Instantly reported a scam - Will I get my money back?

Last night I was the victim of a scam that took £162 from me, it was the only money I had in my account. I reported it as a scam instantly so was wondering if anyone else has had any luck in getting their money back? And if so, how?

Hi @hangrace2003

Unfortunately there isn’t any tips or suggestions anyone here can provide you on how to have the case decided in your favour. As you have reported this to our team they will reach out as soon as possible and ask for further details if required.

Once we have all the information we require to make a decision we’ll let you know the outcome and any further information we feel will be beneficial during this time. But I’m sure there may be people here that would like to share their experience.

As a sidenote I’m sorry to hear what has happened here, it must be a difficult and stressful time. :heart:


There are far too many variables to be able to give you an accurate guess of what could happen and when.

But from experience on here, most people get the money back. Good luck!


As long as there is some hope! Thank you for replying :sparkling_heart:

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