Instagram launches in-app purchases with major brands like Nike and Adidas

This is big. If they open this up to all business accounts, I can imagine them generating a lot of revenue from this.

Or it could be the death of Instagram for those of us who enjoy photos from friends?

Such is life. I wonder what will come along next.

As soon as Facebook got their grubby mits on it, this was inevitable. Bring back IG c.2010 :grinning:

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They have been at this for a while, it started off with a small trial of allowing offshoot links to products, now they’re allowing purchases without leaving which could be a big deal if/when it’s available to the wider Instagram community. But saying that if this is available to everyone then Instagram might end up in eBay territory which means they’ll need to police the transactions on some level.

The other big thing about these changes is they will disrupt 3rd party Instagram apps/tools that provide e-commerce layers.

I also wonder how Instagram will ingest products, and synchronise availabilty etc. Maybe they’ll add a API letting 3rd parties deal with this?

Also reminds me of this last week