Inspire Event Debrief 24/08/17

(Naji Esiri) #1

Late last month we hosted Inspire - an event for 18-25 year old’s considering alternatives routes to a career in the tech or start up world. There were talks from @tom , Juliana Zarate Co-Founder and CEO at Mucho!, and Tom Freeman, Culture Manager at Headspace followed by Q+A, offering an insight into where it all began for them, and words of advice for others with similar passions, motivations and ambition.


Your journey starts here.

Leaving full time education or starting a new leaf as a postgraduate can be daunting. We have a unique chance as a rapidly growing team to invest in people and hire for potential and life experience. More importantly, we feel it’s important to raise awareness of the amazing opportunities out there for young people considering alternative routes to their dream job.

Every innovative company in the UK already knows this. From food to finance many have been founded by people with little or no relevant industry experience! We wanted to create a platform for the individuals behind these companies to connect with the next generation of big thinkers - people who would thrive in a startup environment.

Tom our CEO, will join wellbeing and mindfulness app Headspace and ‘personal stylist to your tastebuds’, Mucho! for this event, consisting of a series of short talks, Q+A and networking opportunities for 18-25 year olds.

(Jason Yau) #2

A wonderful watch. Reminds me of the talks I used to have In Sixth form, really good to see that Monzo is more than a product!

Hopefully, I can find myself at Monzo one day or end up doing something just as rewarding.