Initial feedback from new Monzo user

I’m really enjoying using my Monzo account, i do have a few suggestions for improvements having used several other banking apps for many years.

  1. Edit payees (rename/change account details/delete)
  2. Set daily transaction limit amount on debit card
  3. Set daily ATM withdrawal limit
  4. Online card use - on/off
  5. International card use - on/off

I sure other Monzo users would find the above features useful also.

No. 3 already exists?

Ah, but I guess you’re asking for a user defined version. :wink:

@savs147 welcome to the community!

Quick suggestion - in this feedback & ideas category it’s probably better to have separate threads for each idea so people can vote on and discuss individual ideas. In fact there may be existing threads on each of your ideas which you could vote and comment on without needing to create new threads. In know there is for the first one.

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Ok I’ll delete this post

I don’t think you need to delete it. My post was just a suggestion (I think you’ll get more engagement/discussion if you focus on one issue at a time).

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