Information on investor cards


This is a recent thing. Mine definitely used to show it on the virtual card


If I request an investor card, how long is the old one valid for?

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You can freeze, order an investor card & then unfreeze your current card - then continue using your current card for as long as you please :slight_smile:


Im still waiting for mine, app says it should have been delivered between 7-9 Dec.

Ive re-odered one yesterday, but the delivery date still shows 7-9 Dec. Don’t know if the surge in replacements has made the estimate inaccurate. Anyway looks like im not the only one its happened too.


Wow, seriously? So I can have two active cards?

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No :slight_smile:

You asked about requesting an investor card :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The moment you receive it and activate the new card, via the Monzo app, you old card instantly deactivates :grin:

It’s impossible to have 2 active cards on a single Monzo account (joint account not included :yum:)


Ah that makes more sense :slight_smile: thank you


I did confirm though recently that you can leave your new card unactivated for a fixed period of time then activate it. Not sure how long you can hold off before Monzo cancels the unactivated card but I thought it might be useful for having a sore card ready.


The email sent out today says that a new card costs just under £3 to produce and send.

Straw poll - who would be willing to pay for a card? I would pay £3 for an investor card.

  • Yes
  • No

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Pleased it’s not just me! :credit_card:


50/50 split :grinning:

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Why I am waiting to get my investor one since I feel bad.


Surprised actually, thought there would be more of a clear difference.