Increase the amount for customised amount

(Mohsin Hussain) #1

We can current use the customise amount to request money from others however it’s currently limited to £100. Can we request that amount be increased?

When booking holidays and then sharing the “owes” for each person, it would be much easier to be able to send the exact cost that someone owes via the customise amount so that they can pay from the link - rather than having to ask them to go to their Internet Banking or having them to double check that they pay the correct amount that they owe!


It can’t be increased. I think its set at £100 max due the costs involved that Monzo pay.

You can obviously make multiple payments of £100, or use sort/account.

Seems annoying compared to Starlings which is limited to £99,999,999


£100 is the current limit for requesting money using, since it costs Monzo when you use it.

However, you can request a much higher amount from other people with Monzo using the request feature in the Payments tab.