Inconsistent direct debit names / logos

My dvla had just changed to the logo below:-


Not changed on my end still dvla-reg no and no icon

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The issue from November has reoccurred for me this month - for Netflix and Patreon this time.

Both have correct name and same merchant info at the bottom of transaction page as December payments, but both show as first payments to each company, not linking up with the already set up recurring payment/committed spend.

Has this happened for anyone else’s Netflix/Patreon payments for January?

Same for me still with reg number. Intriguing disparity though

Very odd

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Anyone having this problem again in January? My Plusnet direct debit is appearing as Pnetxxxxxxx-01, with no logo and saying it’s the first payment…


It sounds like they’re processing it differently and it needs adding to the correct merchant group :weary:

Thanks @Dan5 I’m talking to support now… Is there some magic phrase I need to communicate what needs to be done?

I had a few recurring payments showing as the first/only payment to X company this month and not in committed spending, despite the merchant data at the bottom looking the same. Netflix was one of them.

Just looking back through my feed and noticed my DVLA direct debit has changed to just dvla and not dvla plus reg no


Changed for me a few weeks ago as well. Bravo!

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I hope this is sarcastic :pray:

I have a few vehicles so having the registration number in the name was actually useful.


Does it still appear in the small print at the bottom of the transaction at least?

no just shows a ref number no sign of reg no

Good question. Just looked and it doesn’t show a transaction ID like card payments.

Then as mentioned above, in the notes it’s just a load of numbers.

I can see that one of my direct debits is just DVLA. The other two still have the vehicle registration number in name.

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The DVLA D/D we have for one of the cars debited on 01-Feb had the reg number in the transaction title.
It is still showing in the Monzo upcoming scheduled payments for 01-March as Dvla-ams1, although it sounds like a system change at DVLA means that will probably change by the time it is next taken.

Again, if this community has taught me anything, there is a different view on every point and everyone has their own unique and wildly different financial arrangement

Personally I am happy it says DVLA and has the correct logo


Yep, nothing wrong with people wanting one or the other. I just gave my thoughts on it as you did :slight_smile:

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DVLA has changed again this month for me.

“Driver & vehicle Licensing Agency”

Still showing as DVLA for me just the icon has disappeared now although strangely still showing the icon on past transactions :man_shrugging: