Incoming payment categorisation


Hi guys,

Searched for this and found a post from February with exactly what I’m thinking.

Can anyone give an update on if this is something they’re looking at?


(Ellie ) #43

Had the exact thought! My friends and I always pay for each other at meals etc and we all end up sending money between us. Would love to be able to deduct this incoming money from certain categories! Would give Monzo users a more accurate picture of their spending. :blush:

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Hi, I’ve moved your post here to keep all of the discussion about this idea in one place.

I’ve put rounded up all of the latest updates in this post, earlier in the thread. I hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:

If you’d like an update for any other ideas / bugs, feel free to post a reply in it’s topic’s thread & that’ll bump the topic :slight_smile:

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It would be really useful to have a way to categorise incoming payments. For example all the household bills come out of my account along with the rent. My girlfriend sends me a lump sum at the start of the month to contribute to these outgoings, I’d like to categorise this as bills to deduct off the overall sum out.

Sorry if this was meant to go in ideas!

(Dan Woodhouse) #46

I’m with you on this. My girlfriend makes several payments across a month towards some of our shared bills, e.g a payment of £12 towards Apple Music and Netflix and so on. It would be great if I could categorise these payments to reduce the spending per category. Even better if monzo worked out it was regular and learned what to do with them.

(Jason) #47

Hi yes can I add I would like to see some kind of category for income rather than general.

At least to split income from wages/salary from other types.

Does anyone else agree?

(Jason) #48

So this was just merged into


yet was started as a thread to ask essentially for


does the person who did this see how SPEND is an expense

and INCOME is not a spend? The topic now does not relate to the request!

This makes me not want to bother feeding back

Anyway, forget my petty gripe

I have nearly completed my complete switch to Monzo CA, I am [very] happy and [redacted by me]

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Taken a bit personally here. My mistake.

I’ll fix this tomorrow.

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This has been raised many times previously by many people, myself included. Most of those comments have also been moved into this thread.

The moderator who moved this here was right to do so, as it helps to have the feedback and conversation in one place.

Hope you’re not offended, feedback is great, and works even better when grouped!

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@tomsr Fair play :upside_down_face: my (over)reaction above does me no credit :joy::joy::joy: as-you-were and I’ll reduce my Fosters intake (with apologies)

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Thanks. I thought I’d gone a bit loopy - but it does seem to make sense to stay here. Unless anyone has any major concerns?

(James) #53

This came to me after someone asked if I could go to the shop for them, there should be an option to request someone to cover the entire cost of a transaction. Then, once it’s been transferred, take it off the Spent Today total so as to help keep better track of your own personal spending.

(Drew sanders) #54

Do they not have a card? Any card?
There are a number of categories you can select and I’m sure you can find one that fits. With or transfers I can’t see what the issue would be here.


Seconding others posts about this!! I regularly receive payments from other monzo contacts and I would really like to be able to allocate their payment to one of my target spending areas. So, if I’ve spent 20£ on eating out but half was for a friend, their payment to me would top up my eating out allocation again, rather than just floating in my remaining balance!?

(Raul) #56

I’ve paid an invoice which I’ve shared with other 2 friend. They pay me back but still the invoice appears like I’ve spent he full amount inside “Bills”. I’d like Rob find an option where you can allocate the money coming in and deducted from were I spent it in first place. I hope this make sense haha




This was also brought up here:



Adding another voice to this issue. You should definitely be able to allocate incoming and outgoing payments to a spending category and have the spending tracker properly reflect debits and credits. It seems like this feature has been on the roadmap for a long time now.

The budget tracking within monzo is one of the killer features and primarily why I use it. The same goes for my friends who have monzo. But as I use it more and more to split payments with other people, the lack of proper category allocation is starting to make it pointless. My total spend per category is almost never reflective of reality.


Plus one - now that I’ve used it for a few months I have to remember which month it was that I was the one that paid for the group meal, so I can discount looking at that month.

(Justin Seals) #60

When is this going to get fixed, I can’t imagine it’s that hard and many others must be frustrated by this? My “spending” tab is 90% pointless, I pay for all nights out with friends and they pay me back (sometimes via, or sometimes they just send me the money via Monzo without me requesting it), - I have no way of attributing received money to a category! So it looks like im spending double what I am!

Please help =]

(Tom ) #61

At the moment the Monzo team are concentrating on developing, testing and launching the current account. When that’s done - I’m sure we’ll get our fluffy extras. I also look forward to this feature.

Received Money should be applied to spending category