Income categories showing up against spending

I have searched the forum for this but haven’t been able to find any reference.
Most weeks either my girlfriend or I do the weekly food shop and when we get home let the other one know the total and we transfer half across to their account. (For info my Girlfriend isn’t a Monzo account holder - oh the shame!)
This is simple when she does the food shop as I transfer her my half of the cost and categorise againt ‘groceries’ . When I do the food shop the whole cost goes against the ‘grocery’ category and when she transfers me her half I categorise it against ‘grocery’ however it doesn’t come off of my monthly ‘grocery’ spend category. Therefore I am not getting a true representation of my monthly grocery spends. This isn’t just isolated to groceries, it happens with anything we go halves on.
Is there any chance this could be changed? Or is there a work around?
Apologies if I have made this confusing, it’s a funny one to explain. Cheers.

Hi, there is a quirk where using would solve this issue for you for now. Please add your voice to the bug listed below if you agree that all transfers should offset categories.

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