Including Symbols when Setting Up A Payee

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Just tried setting up a new payee but it doesn’t accept the ampersand, my legacy bank does. Not sure if this is an issue though as I can probably just type ‘and’.
edit my mistake, this​:point_up_2:t3:does work (I had the account number wrong :speak_no_evil:)

Also, the reference field does not allow punctuation. Again not sure if a :ant:. My legacy bank definitely allows it.

Loving my current account already though :tada::tada::tada:

The Monzo Current Account Preview

A reference field should allow punctuation, e.g. “-”, “/”, “+” etc. There are industry specs for things like Bacs, Chaps, FPS, Sepa etc, and it details in these specs field length and accepted characters.

FPS specs can be found at

Also earlier this year BACS and the Faster Payments scheme released a mapping tool to enable developers to convert the existing ISO 8583 message protocol to the internationally recognised ISO 20022 standard.

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That’s what I thought. Can’t put in a ‘,’ though.
One of those little things to iron out before full launch :rocket:

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@SeMond Did you report this via in-app chat? I’m not sure if the team sifts through forum posts, but they will surely acknowledge after report via app. :slight_smile:

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Not yet as support only available 9-6 and there’s no rush for me.

Ampersand in the recipient name does work, I put in the wrong account number by accident :speak_no_evil:

Will report reference field tomorrow

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Ah, I see. :smiley: Just to clarify, sending a message is available all the time, but Staff reads/monitors/replies 9-6. :wink: What you send now, will be simply read tomorrow.


You can report anytime, they will just pick it up when they are next in.

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:grin: should have known that.
Thanks :pray: Guys

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For reference (pun intended) I’ve just caught up with this one too.

A standing order to transfer money to a Nationwide child’s ISA uses an account number containing a ‘/’ as the reference. Thus the inability to enter a ‘/’ character in that field makes things a bit tricky.

I’ve set mine up with a space so don’t know whether the money will arrive or not!

I’ll see what the support guys have to suggest when they get in on Monday.


I’ve successfully transferred in to my children’s Junior ISAs with Monzo CA. You don’t actually need the / for it to work. The reference I used was just one long number.

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I hoped so but thanks for the positive confirmation and reassurance!

(Simon Enoch) #12

I’ve just experienced this issue. My payee reference requires a “/“ however I was unable to use it. Ideally this needs to be ironed out.

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Try and use the apostrophe on the payments reference field (send via bank transfer) and it simply switches the keyboard back to letters.

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I raised this in app when I noted it (above) and I was acknowledged to be an implementation erro on Monzo’s part. I have no ETA for a fix though.

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