In person card transactions showing up as online

In my work canteen it always shows up as a online transaction when it is in person. (I work for a large online only retailer)

I’ve also had this happen on parking meters a few times.

Should I bother chatting to support about it.

Probably a merchant data kind of issue? Not sure, but if it doesn’t bother you I don’t think it’s a concern as a bank user.

An annoyance for sure!

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Can’t speak for your work canteen, but for parking meters it’s probably because the payments for multiple meters go through with the same details, making it impossible to show the location for the one you used. Certainly my experience has been I’ve parked in one place and the map has shown my payment as being made in a different car park.

It doesn’t matter. Please don’t contact customer services.

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With the wait times yes I don’t want to bother them if I can avoid it

At the bottom of the transaction then tap ‘improve name, location or logo’ then you can submit a correction :blush: