In-App Chat Wait Times?

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I wouldn’t count the weekend days for specialist support, but yes overall there are complaints about monzo wait times.

If you’ve been waiting 8 weeks you can go to the ombudsman but not even getting a response is poor from monzo.

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If you have waited 8 weeks for a response to a complaint, go directly to the ombudsman.

Do not keep waiting for the bank - it’s clear they won’t have the resources to respond properly and you are better off with the ombudsman. The ombudsman is not faster by any stretch but they will investigate properly eventually.


As above, follow the complaint to the relevant channels to escalate.

In terms of your loan repayment, as long as the amount is available to be moved to the loan account, they will likely do it this week coming, just don’t spend the funds to prevent further delays.

Creating multiple threads won’t make it faster :wink:

This can’t be normal Monzo practise? This has to be a glitch?

As I said on that thread based on the timescales you’ve told us ask for the Final Response and go to the FOS

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Yes, already done, thank you.
Now they are about to default me on my overdraft arrangement because I need to update them on my situation, but still no contact.
It’s been 7 days without being able to do any banking via chat. Pay a bill etc.
So until this gets sorted out (it wont) I just don’t have a bank?

So you have the final response? That should enable you to take this to the FOS who can investigate and help to resolve the issue with timescales to response, service etc.

In regards to the second point around defaulting on the overdraft, presuming you have done everything possible to prevent this then you need to speak on chat and push for a response.

They don’t need a final response; it’s been over 8 weeks - they can take it straight to FOS and looks like they have done.


I managed to get the final responce, only because I had a manager calll back - that is the only time when anything gets done. They said that in the 15 weeks they had, they still had not looked at the complaint, but that it would be done that day.
What I got back was about me being uphappy with the wait times?!? No mention of the loan - it was just bizzare and didn’t mention one aspect of the complaint.
It’s been with the FO for a while now, as when they went far past the 8 weeks, I managed to get a letter saying that.
I have honestly, without exaggeration been pushing for a response every day. At times it went for weeks. The day that the loan was going to default I called up 10+ times, emails, chat, twitter - and nothing. They were meant to call me back days before to sign off on the plan.
The people on chat can only escalate it to other teams. That doesn’t work. Nothing changes. I really cant do this much more. Can’t they see the most recent case - that someone has been waiting a week to do a basic payment is not normal?

I find it somewhat hard to believe that in 3 1/2 months they didn’t once look at this complaint or deal with it at all, but if this is the chase you’re far more patient that I would’ve ever been. I’d have been straight to the FOS with this.

Complaint not withstanding (and please dont reveal any personal info here) have they not been able to resolve your other challenge around making a payment to the loan? I don’t understand why they wouldn’t allow this?

I have a pdf of the entire chat from May.
Please, be my guest and read it.

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I didn’t for a while haha, but it’s very true.

Had you been in touch with the bank pre default notice to try and resolve? Or only once you receive the default notice?

If the bank failed to respond within reasonable timeframe on your ongoing attempts prior the notice of default to resolve the issue, they may be able to remove the default, but there’s no guarantee with this as they may argue you didn’t try and resolve months prior.

Yes,before. They have said that they will remove it (or supress it every month) Untill the investigation is done. That just came back. About wait times, and not the loan.
I was calling/chat/emailing every day for weeks to get the plan set up.

I don’t understand. It seems they don’t, so they pass it to another team, and they never get back to me. I have cried with frustration over this.

You’ll be fine then, credit file will likely show as an arrangement instead of default.

What is it more you want them to do?

No point wasting your time contacting them every day. They have 8+ million customers, you’re a drop in the ocean.

You’ll need to just wait it out, unless you’re just hoping they pay out a wad of cash because of your impatience?

Geez Louise, Carlo. A lot to unpack from your responce, but please don’t tell me you work in customer service? Blimey.

Right - So, how exactly will I be fine? A credit file showing an ‘arrangement’ instead of a ‘default’ is not very good, to say the least. Because they are now “suppressing” the default (because they say they can’t remove it fully) I am unable to use the app to manage it - I can’t even make payments, nothing. I need to call up every single time, and as you so delightfully pointed out I am a drop in the ocean, so it takes a hot minute to get through to an agent along with 7.9 million others. Also, they are vague, as were you - they say “hopefully” and “normally” won’t show up that I’ve defaulted on a loan for the next 6 years. I’m setting up a new buisness - I don’t want, nor should I have the added anxiety and stress of that hanging over me for the next 6 years.

Also, and something I was immensely proud of was the fact that I had started to fix my awful finances, and that after having a metric sh1t ton of poop thrown at me in my life, I was sorting out previous issues, not hiding from problems and fixing my bad credit. But now I have 6 years of “hopefully” and “likely” and lovely big messages on the app (that I can’t fully use) telling me I have defaulted on a loan.

What more do I want them to do? Primarily and foremost, sort that out.

I want them to remove the default from my loan that should never have been there in the first place. That only happened because I was waiting for weeks to get some help setting up a payment plan, and because they never called me back.

Secondly, I’d like whatever anomaly is happening to my account to be found and stopped. There’s simply no way that what’s happening to my account is normal. I want them to learn from this and understand that even as we enter the AI revolution (that I’m all for) the human saying there’s something wrong with their account could be correct—because as they will soon hopefully see - in this case, I am.

So, what more do I want them to do? Reverse any issues caused by their inaction, i.e., the default on the loan. Compensate me for the time and stress this has caused, which is substantial. Overhaul the dated copy and paste customer service model they use. They have asked me to share what’s been going on in my personal life so that they “can help blah blah”… three times now. Over 5 months.

I answered one telling them that I had (after a short stay in hospital) just left a very abusive relationship and that my (17+ property owning) partner had then made me homeless, along with our dog. Something he could only get away with because my father had died that same week. Whilst I was (and still am) involved in court cases against teachers that abused me and many others during our time at boarding school. I’m on my own, and finding things rather tough.
They “replied” days later with cry laughing emojis unrelated to anything I had just said.
On. fathers. day.
You can’t make this up.

So that. Don’t do that. I would like them to not do that to other people and learn from this situation.

Also, thank you for reminding me that I’m a ‘drop in the ocean.’ Very kind, humbling indeed. Deep even.

And then you end with, ‘You’ll just need to wait it out unless you’re just hoping they pay out a wad of cash, because of your impatience?’

Carlo, trying nearly every day and waiting for anyone to contact me, to help me with basic banking services and allow me to pay off my loan that I’ve worked so hard to be in a position to be able to do so - all whilst receiving letters, emails, and auto generated messages in chat saying that I’m not doing anything, that I need to stop the default from happening - and then the eventual default that I need to live with for 6 years because I’m still waiting. Since MAY - is not impatience.

Cheers anyway.

But you missed payments on your loan? Do you expect them to scrap any credit file impact because you couldn’t afford your loan?

You didn’t meet the agreement you had with the company, you fell into arrears which will show missed payments.

Monzo are suppressing the default, but will potentially report arrangement instead because that’s what it is, a payment arrangement outside the original loan agreement. They need to report factual information to credit reference agencies.

I’m sorry you’re having a difficult time, and money worries like this should be the last thing on your mind.

As harsh as it is, the internet isn’t here to soothe your wounds all the time unfortunately, and while people can be empathetic, that doesn’t mean keeping you from the negative.

And there it is.

One email asking them to discuss and resolve, not turning it into a daily task for yourself to pursue it. They’re not ignoring you because they want to, they just haven’t got around to responding.

It’s an unfortunate situation for you, but given you’re here on an open forum expressing your life’s woes, maybe try and put your energy to something you can control, you have a lot going on.

Mind and StepChange may alleviate some of your stress by talking to the professionals.

To your surprise, I do, but my role doesn’t allow for sugar coating reality (certainly no emoji to make it cheerful or alleviate the blow).

You honestly can’t expect everything to be hunky dory and continually live in disappointment of people and businesses just because you don’t like the outcome.

Good luck with your expected resolutions and most importantly, your personal life issues you’re facing at the moment.

To add, StepChange can deal with your creditors on your behalf in most instances, so it possibly could be worth reaching out to them. They will deal with monzo and you can focus on the rest.

Just wanted to chime in here - I worked in unsecured lending for years. You can put a stage 1-6 (1 month to 6 months arrears) into an I (arrangement) status by making an arrangement with a creditor (whether this is lower, contracted in arrears or more than the minimum payment) - but once you have had your default notice (full 90 days of the account being in arrears, usually calculated in months) which will be sent regardless of an arrangement (if you pay less than the contracted amount) - then if you do not get up to date by 180 days the default will be registered on your credit file.


I find this unbelievably hard to believe; I think I’ll see a yellow pig fly before I believe this.

Not to detract from your experience but I don’t think any COp cares so little about their job to send laughing emojis.

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