In-app Bank Statements


Just used the statement feature for the first time from within summary. The only options available to export as PDF was current month or all time. It’s been mentioned before, but this needs improving soon!


@Chippy_j At least on Android you can get statements for any month. But it’s very well hidden:

Account > Settings Cog > Scroll down > Statement history.

Terrible UX …

(Gareth) #63

Change the month in Summary and the month to export changes - it’s the calendar icon in the top right.


Yeah you’re right, you can do it by changing the month each time. But since the transition to summary you can no-longer swipe between months. Seems a little awkward now to change months each time for a bank statement. I think it could be simpler to select multiple or different months through the menu available.

(Simon) #65

If you go to account, click on your name at the top and scroll down there is a tab called “statement history”. I find this easier if I have to download multiple statements :slightly_smiling_face:
Not sure about android but I imagine it would be similar

(Jack) #66

@cookywook, Not chasing, but just curious if this is still the end goal?
Maybe they should also have our IBAN listed once it’s up and running.

(Jolin) #67

And be formatted for A4 instead of US Letter?

(Steve D) #68

Am I the only person who finds the order of the amount & balance columns really odd?

On any given line, the balance is shown on the far right, and yet seems to be the balance before the transaction is applied. On every other bank statement I have ever seen, the report balance is the balance after the transaction.

If this can’t be changed, can the columns at least be swapped? It’s really peculiar…

(🦡🦡🦡🦡🍄🍄) #69

Just checked mine and it’s balance after transaction, at least on the pdf version

(Steve D) #70

Just realised (or rather, had it pointed out), that it’s because the transactions are most-recent-first. Am I very old fashioned for finding this really confusing?

(Malcolm) #71

This is the one thing that really annoys me about these statements

(Stefano) #72

I’d love to see transfers to saving pots consolidated as one transaction for the chosen statement period, summing them all up. I transfer myself daily amounts between pots and it makes statements look very messy.

(Richard) #73

One thing I’d like to see is an option to get 3 months of statements as opposed to “Current month” or “all time”.

Had to submit “All time” as part of a mortgage application, when they were asking for 3 months worth (which is fairly typical)

(Andy) #74

Can you not pull them from your statement history screen?

(Richard) #75

Couldn’t find that in my app. Went to summary and export statement and it was either “October” or “all time”

As it was a rush job (as my mortgage meeting is in 45mins), just submitted All time.

Edit: never mind… found it.


It’s not just you - the statements are naff.

Statements are a proper legacy feature, for doing things the old fashioned way (be it proving identity, sending off to accounts departments, or whatever). They are, therefore, the one feature that I’d like to be as traditional as possible - no ‘nice’ names, not in a strange order, no confusing transfers to/from pots (which are the same account), etc. Keep statements old school please!

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #77

:open_mouth: where is this please? I was in the exact same situation as @Chimpofdoom recently.

(Andy) #78

Account tab -> account profile and settings -> statement history button in the account settings window that opens up

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #79

No way! What a weird place to have this! I’d have never thought to look for it there. Thanks! :hugs:

(Richard) #80

Yup… would be better though if the “All time” was 3 months instead.

Pretty sure 3 months is a standard.