Improving visibility of Bank Statements

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You can also swipe the monthly spending screen to past months and export from there :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Simon, that’s another one I’d missed. It only seems to work if you swipe right on the monthly total at the top of the screen and not lower down, but it works, and offers a choice of formats too.

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I contacted you a few months ago saying I was typing Monzo transactions into my financial management software manually as there was no valid export file available. I found your CSV file but it lacks the basic ingredients for import into an accounting app. I tried 3 different money management packages and the Monzo CSV wasn’t recognised by any of them.

One of them stated it needed just 3 fields, a date, a description and an amount. It couldn’t cope with the multiplicity of data in your CSV. Another was more clever and I have successfully used it with Tide and Starling. It looks for specific date types and makes a best guess which fields to use. It needs to find a date field, a text field and a numeric field. That’s all. Your CSV is full of bloat and it fails the most clever of import software because it has no specific date field.

The real answer is an OFX file as I have never known this format to fail anywhere. I guess the rules are much stricter and there’s no room for messing about with the format. But your existing CSV would work if you just had a plain date field in it. Normally an export field for narrative as the legacy banks call it contains a concatenated version of your description, address and notes field, or just description and notes.

I am getting a bit tired of typing up transactions manually so at the moment I am scaling back my use of Monzo until you can sort this out. If there were no other challenger banks in competition with you, I would have to make do. But Tide and Starling will import, with Tide working the best with all money management software that I’ve tried.

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If you manually edit the exported CSV to remove the other fields, does that help?

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  1. No. Because there is no date field, just a character field containing a mess up of date and time information.

  2. Why should I have to go into a file and start deleting columns to make it work? It should just work! I think the time taken to enter transactions manually would be less than the time taken messing around in a spreadsheet program to achieve a result that probably still wouldn’t work.

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