Improvement to trip reports

I returned from a trip to USA :us: yesterday and was disappointed that the trip report only covered about half of my trip. I spent some time today looking into why and have made an improvement to the logic.

If people have trips abroad over next few weeks I’d be interested to know how well the trip report works for you (excluding the known issue that trip reports don’t currently support the joint account, virtual cards on pots, or the Flex account).


That rules out all my suggestions :speak_no_evil: :face_in_clouds:

More specifically the virtual cards from pots as that’s where I save for my holiday so I want to spend from there and have it accounted for in the report.


I hear you, I want it to.

That would require a near complete rewrite of the feature though (this was built in 2015!).


Oldest surviving bit of the codebase? :thinking:


To be fair, I haven’t had a trip report in years. So you are doing better than me.

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I’d like to be able to track a holiday in the U.K. without going abroad :face_with_peeking_eye:


Sounds like we need to get the right monzo staff into relationships to get joint account parity sorted.

I’m heading to Berlin soon so will be able to provide some feedback @daniel :de:

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