Improve managing pot payments

A few suggestions to improve the experience with setting up and managing payments to and from pots.

  1. Let me edit an existing scheduled payment instead of forcing me to cancel it and set it up again. It’s annoying and arduous.

  2. Replace the date picker with a proper calendar. It’s hard than it looks trying to figure which number of February is the last Monday, or the first Friday. It’s annoying to have to switch back and forth from my calendar app.

The two tie together as well. If I make a mistake with the date or forget to toggle the frequency of a repeat, or set an end date for the repeat, I can’t simply amend it. I have to cancel it and start again from the beginning.

Is this a parity thing? Both of those points are already the case in the android app…

Voted for it anyway so the iOS app gets these things too.


Must be! Don’t have any of this on iOS! Would love it though!

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Big fat yes to both of these. The fact that android already has them is annoying also


Voted :+1:

Not because I want them - I already have them (:android:) - but the lesser platform should have the same too.


I think they should just roll the pot transfer screens into the standard external transfer screen. Feels a bit redundant to have two different approaches.