Improve left to pay

I often use the “left to pay” in my bills pot but it can be unclear what DD are actually still left.

Can the list not be split into “remains/paid” resetting on the payday date?

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Is this a difference between iOS and Android because on the latter I have an ‘upcoming’ list in my bills pot? Or am I misunderstanding completely?

Certainly on iOS a DD goes to the bottom of the list when paid, so the ones remaining are those at the top of the list, in date order.

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Android sees the same. Not sure what the poster is trying to achieve.

Apologies my post might not have been very clear and also I will admit I didn’t notice that the DD paid moved to the bottom, I probably should pay more attention before posting!./

Some kind of marking or split of the list to show they were paid in that pay cycle was what I was suggesting.


One of my Bills pot DD’s NEVER leaves the top slot in ‘Upcoming’. Regardless of when it is due or paid. Drives me :peanuts:


It would be super nice to have the bills pot know what bills are left to come out that month. I know you can look down and more or less see the line, but the Transfers tab is for that info: in the bills pot I just want to see the bills that will be paid before I replenish it.

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