Improve fixed cost bill splitting

Bill splitting is frustrating close to being perfect! There are a few things that hold it back massively at the moment, as someone using it in a shared house:

  • Income cannot be excluded from summary
    So if my housemate repays me a month late, it messes with my budget for that month

  • Income should be able to be marked as reoccurring
    My fixed costs I have to manually calculate as some are split. If you could list an income as reoccurring, it would allow me to budget and see what I’m spending without having to think about it

  • Tabs should be linked back to the original payment in some way
    I would like to use tabs for a month so we can just dump any bills in and settle it at the end, however once closed, there’s nothing that appears on the items to show they’ve been split/repaid, leading you to question yourself

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