I'm Hugo, designer

Hi all!

My name is Hugo and my job as a designer at Mondo is to decide how the app should work and look (easy and beautiful). In other words, I’m the guy you need to blame if the app doesn’t work the way you’d like :smile:

I’ll be sharing design stuff (SOON) and, like everybody else here at Mondo, I’m really looking forward to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks for helping us building Mondo!

PS: My English is not perfect yet, if you find any mistakes just let me know and I will love you forever (and maybe even give you a ChupaChups).

PS2: Sometimes I share design thoughts on Twitter and Medium.

PS3: Yes, I make mistakes there too.

PS4: I love videogames.

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if you need help testing an Android or Windows phone app I will be glad to help

Awesome, we’ll ping you once we have something on Android to start testing :slight_smile: Thanks!

Regarding Windows phone, I’m afraid that’s not even on our roadmap at this point.

Hihi, hello ! Hope you will do the best graphic design ever ! :heart: