I'm 25 and I want to start saving for a house. Where do I start? 🏡

(Micky) #121

I’d be interested to know where these sort of projects are offered. I already work in software in a full time position so advice for being able improve my take home would be appreciated. The only success I’ve had is through word of mouth by friends doing small website projects

(Andre Borie) #122

Hey - sorry took a bit of a break from the community as I felt I was spending way too much time here.

If you’re a software engineer currently employed full time the best advice I can give you is to invest in your LinkedIn profile and then switch to contracting. Talk to recruiters, they’re always hungry for fresh meat and will get you a contracting gig in no time. Feel free to DM me or email hi@rjevski.io I’ll do my best to give you some advice.