IFTTT + Google Sheets + Monzo = Then what?

Limiting it to the last couple of months was bad enough, never mind if I saw all time. That’s a really cool and useful graph though!

I kind of messed it up a bit though and it I had to manually go back through loads of transactions.

The Tesco near work where I get lunch and the Tesco near home where I get petrol all got categorised the same. I made the mistake of selecting ‘all past and future’ transactions when categorising so everything went to ‘eating out’ :grimacing:

Ouch! Pre-pandemic I was in the habit of tagging lunch transactions with #lunch while eating my sandwich which made it relatively straight forward to identify lunch spends. I’ve not been doing it so much anymore so its not as useful, unless I go back through all my transactions and tag the lunches.

Another way that you could approach the same problem would be to just sum all transactions that occur during your typical lunch break by filtering the time column.

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To fix, you could search for Tesco <£x and that would at least show you the ones you need to change.

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That’s only on iOS, us poor Android people don’t have advanced search :frowning:

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Just want to revive this topic, partially because its one of the last remaining open google sheets thread, but also to re-raise the issue/bug of missing interest payments in the google sheet export.

This was not a major issue when the auto-export was first set up, but that was over a year ago and saving rates are a little healthier now. Missing interest payments from the CSV export means that the live google sheet feed cannot be used to accurately determine account balance. Which is frustrating as its a paid-for feature.

Can I pretty please ask for someone at monzo to take on a mini project in the new year to add interest payments to the CSV google sheets export (including the live export)? Even if its needs to be its own column to avoid messing anything up, that would be perfectly fine.


Which interest do you mean? For Plus/Premium?

You’ve got me doubting myself now, but my understanding is that no interest payments appear in the Google sheets exports at all. Including plus/premium interest payments as well as payments from interest bearing savings pots.

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Plus/Premium does, but it doesn’t have a merchant name, so if you’re using that column for uniques or anything, it won’t show.

Same as paying for Plus/Premium. Unsure about interest pots.

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Ah yeah you’re right, so it’s specifically the pot interest that doesn’t appear in the exports :+1:


And if they can add virtual card from a pot to the sheet at the same time, that would be great.

I wonder if a separate feature request of “Things Missing from Google Sheets Export” is needed.

I think there’s a growing list now depending on your usage….


My top 3…

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Want to give this another another bump.

Increasing interest rates on savings pots is awesome, but interest still doesn’t show up in the automatic Google sheets export (a paid-for feature of plus and premium) or the regular Google sheets export.


I haven’t seen this being mentioned anywhere, but I would love it if the Google Sheet could have a second spreadsheet on the same file that JUST has the balance of each connected account. I would love to automate all my finances further if this was possible.

Also, If anyone has any cool spreadsheets, dashboards, ideas, IFTTT uses and even ChatGPT uses, please share.

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This post is probably a good place to start for some basics on how to make the most of the export using Google sheets:

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This has been broken for years now. Which is disappointing for a paid-for feature of Monzo Plus/Premium.

In addition, I don’t know whether this is just a me issue, but my manual CSV export for my joint account is no longer working at all. It fails to generate the CSV. It behaves like its timing out when trying to “make a statement”.

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I guess this means there’s no way to get Savings pot balances unless you try approximating the interest that might be accrued? I guess simpler if money isn’t going in or out!

Without some form of manual intervention, then no.

I have a ledger of interest per pot and sum that.

But you could also close a pot each time you gain some interest, then open a new one. That would keep your sheet accurate.

I haven’t been able to do a manual CSV export for my joint account in a few months. The app hangs on the spinning loading icon for about 20 seconds then appears to timeout and says “check internet connection and try again”. Anyone else having this issue?