IFTTT: "empty a pot" action

Hey, just wondering if anyone knows how it might be possible to empty a pot on a specific date, e.g., the end of the month.

For example, if I had an American Express charge card and needed to pay the bill every month, I’d move money into a pot when spent with Amex to make sure I had the amount needed to pay the bill at the end of the month, could IFTTT empty that amount into my account at the end of the month in anticipation for a 1st month payment to them?

I have it so it transfers money back for a bill so if it is a set amount then yeah

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Ah so I’d have to update the applet with the amount I need to transfer back?

Correct, I have 2 things that I use IFTTT for like that

Salary comes in IFTTT Moves it to separate pots then on the day at say 1am it moves it back to be paid at 4am

Hmmm… If I have to go into the IFTTT app to add the amount to move I may as well go to the Monzo app and move it. I was hoping I could just say ‘empty this pot’ on ‘this date’.

There is no way to get your main balance or pot balance through IFTTT :frowning_face: Unless you went a complex route and tracked everything through a spreadsheet.

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Nah fraid not, that’s why I use 2 pots and the amounts are always the same no matter what.

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Thanks guys, worth a try :slight_smile:

Although convoluted, you could achieve this by creating a simple IFTTT app that is responsible for parsing the amount due from the balance update email.

  1. An email arrives from American Express: Your balance update from OnlineServices@welcome.aexp.com
  2. Your email account automatically forwards that email to yourinboundapp@example.com which is a simple app running for free on something like Heroku
  3. Your app receives the email and extracts the Direct Debit Due value
  4. Your app pushes the value to IFTTT via a webhook

Then from there you’d configure IFTTT to tell Monzo to move the amount.

Edit: or instead of writing your own parser, you could use Zapier since their free plan includes an email parser and you’ll be within the task + action limit.

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