IFTTT away from Monzo

Does anyone manage to use IFTTT particularly successfully away from Monzo integration? Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere, but a search only threw up threads related to IFTTT’s Monzo integration.

I personally wouldn’t use IFTTT for banking, but couldn’t find much in the way of other uses for it that weren’t either gimmicky or shoddy and unreliable.

I’ve found the location tracking things (do something when you get to work or home or whatever) to work for a short period on a semi-reliable basis, and then eventually just stop working.

The voice-activated stuff (through Google Assistant) has been the most reliable and I have used it mainly with Philips Hue, but the Google Home Routines offer way more flexibility than IFTTT so I’ve finally dropped it once and for all.

Anybody actually use it for anything useful?

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I use it to natively post Instagram photos to Twitter.

Basically, if you use the “official” method of sharing from Instagram to Twitter, it just posts a tweet of your caption and then a link to Instagram and doesn’t share the image itself.

Using IFTTT, you can have it so that it pulls the image and embed it in the tweet along with the caption and link.

I also use it to send completed Todoist tasks to a spreadsheet.


I use it for some home automation stuff.

Things like arming cameras and disarming cameras using a one shortcut button saving having to open the app and use the menus etc.

I do think IFTTT is quite gimmicky and I could live without it but it just makes something already quite easy a little easier :slightly_smiling_face:

I use it for tracking contacts to a spreadsheet (as a backup), to track my weight (from wi-fi scales) to a spreadsheet (which then emails me every Friday with the +/-), to post articles I’ve saved to my Pocket account to my Twitter account, to grab tweets and Instagram posts into my Day One journal, and to send updates to my Todo list app.

Used to use it for controlling lights (sunrise/sunset setting especially) but Hue have that capability now.