If your bank account could talk

(Dan) #1

If your bank account could talk… what do you think it would say to you?

Myself… “Do you ever stop eating?” :joy:

Just a bit of fun!


My bank account would say to me: OFFS Uber eats again? No I’m calling an intervention and refusing to pay.


Mine would say


(Andre Borie) #4

For me it would be “do you ever stop eating out?” :joy:

(Sufi) #5


“Shoreditch Grind” - sounds like a hipster dance!!

(Jonathon) #7

“Pret is not a substitute for love”


It’s a coffee shop. Very nice coffee too. (And yummy tarte de natas).


It would probably tell me I need to live a little. My spending is so mundane

(Jack Donovan) #10

“Oh look, you are using your card… Again!”