If you haven't moved over, what's stopping you from making Monzo your main bank?

There’s only one thing stopping me from making Monzo my main account: support for international payments.

If you haven’t made Monzo your main account (where you receive your pay), what is it that’s stopping you?


Nothing at all, salary has been going in since 29 Sep :slight_smile:


Nothing, if by main account you mean ‘receives my salary’ - that happens :slight_smile:


Nothing at all! Although I do have the need to issue some cheques in the future, but I would have had that issue with my previous current account as i dont have a cheque book for that either

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Biggest gripe however is 3D secure


Same as above, nothing. Monzo is my only UK account since August 17’ (I jumped in straight at the preview, while the account was still in early beta). Didn’t have any issues so far, and the occasional international payment I do goes through Transferwise.


Thanks guys, but that wasn’t quite the point of my question. It’s great that you’re able to make your Monzo account your main account, but the point of the question is to know what’s stopping people who haven’t made it their main account.

It’s not a question about little gripes either. This is purely about what is actually stopping you from moving over.

I’ve updated my post to reflect this.


It is my main account and my salary gets paid into it. I’m just looking forward to the day we can pay cash in, at the moment I’m visiting my old banks branch and then transferring it over.

Okay, that’s great, but it’s not an answer to my question.


Apologies, had just seen your last post!


Acceptance issues.

Ps. Understand what you’re asking, glad to see you’re not getting any good answers


Apple Pay - come on guys this is a major missing feature. I can’t understand how if Starling has it, why Monzo can’t.

Also, expensive OD facility, 50p per day is too much.


Lack of SCT, overdraft, no running balance.

As I’ve said before, lack of CASS. Also I did get a cheque over Christmas and it was nice to just pop it into a branch without needing a stamp and envelope (I’m not currently at home).


I’ve switched but there are a couple of people I know who haven’t yet switched from the prepaid card. The impression I get is that usual inertia about switching from an existing account they’ve had for a long time.

There’s always going to be less of a barrier to getting a prepaid card to getting another bank account.

Impossible for me to use this exclusively as I make half my income Cash. With no way to deposit that into my Monzo it’s an annoyance having to deposit into my NatWest and then send to this


Not having joint accounts.
The transfer limits.


Your view of the OD fee intrigues me. Whats your current setup?

I moved from Santander which was £1 a day for arranged and £6 for unarranged. (generally) If it’s over £3000 arranged it’s £3 a day.

Hmmm…funnily enough I do carry stamps but not envelopes!

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Couple of things.

International payments, I could use transferwise although I had a look at this and it seems easier to just keep my old account for this.

Paying in cash, I pay in cash regularly and don’t have an option for this at the moment.

3D Secure, i have encountered a couple of websites that require it so I keep my old debit card for this.

Everything else goes through Monzo.
I would love to be able to allocate regular payments to pots so I don’t have to remember to move money the day before my rent comes off.

Ok, gonna check TestFlight for an update now :crossed_fingers: (not expecting one until next year though)

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