If you haven't moved over, what's stopping you from making Monzo your main bank?

(Ray Singh) #430

I personally do not like the idea of :money_with_wings: transactions myself! But again as you said £400 is not a very high amount anyways! I am not advocating it’s required everyday/month but it’s good to have that flexibility rather than starting chat session and pestering :mondo: staff!

(Ray Singh) #431

I already tried, they can only change this on a temporary basis and I have to request it every single time! I guess only viable solution is to setup a SO for one of my other CA’s and withdraw using their debit card. I really wanted Monzo to be my main bank account for everything including cash withdrawals :weary:


They are probably not interested, because it’s too expensive …


These are workarounds rather than fixing the problem, so I fully understand that Monzo might not be for you, but could you use Curve to withdraw from your Monzo account? My limit is £1000/day withdrawal and I can link and use my Monzo card for that (it shows in Monzo as an online transaction). If you fancy trying this out we’ll both get a fiver if you use this link with code JL67Y.

Alternatively, and this is a faff, you could take out 400 one day and 100 the next? :pensive:

Or you could just stick with a different bank, of course :slight_smile:


While you may have a daily limit of £1,000 there are also a 30 day limit and an annual limit.

So even if you try and withdraw £1,000 a day, if there is a £20,000 limit over 30 days you can’t withdraw £30,000 in a month.

I am sure you won’t want to but thought it worth clarifying :wink:

I too find it a great way to save and manage money. Sign up with code 5KDHQ and get £5.00 free at http://bit.ly/2cSm3VB


Full disclosure: the codes that @anon44204028 and I have posted will give either him or me £5 worth of Curve points, as well as whoever signs up.

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Well I’m doing a partial switch now. The roadmap looks great; however, it’s the FlexPlus account £15 package with mobile phone cover, breakdown assistance and travel insurance that is keeping me from #fullmozo.

If only Monzo would add some sort of package like that in marketplace. Fingers crossed!

(Ben Harris) #437

My two-penneth.
My main bank offers several benefits that Monzo don’t:

  • Market leading linked cash-ISA
  • Market leading linked regular-savings
  • Free EU travel insurance (I travel to the EU at least once per month)

Plus the features Monzo doesn’t have:

  • International payments and IBAN - I use them a lot.
  • Payment limits - the faff of having to contact CS for them to manually raise limits seems counter to Monzo being an app only bank etc
  • A way to deposit cash.

On top of this there are two more general reasons:

  • Following the TSB debacle I’m never going to have just one current account - I know TSB was down to dealing with legacy systems which Monzo obviously doesn’t have, but still seems a sensible precaution (which costs me nothing).
  • At the moment I use my legacy account for salary / non-discretionary spendings (bills etc), and Monzo for every-day spend. The split works well for me and don’t see a compelling reason to change it.


Thank you for not saying your two cents :pray:

(Charlie Kelly) #439

Absolutely. I jumped last month to #FullMonzo but lack of 3DS Support has been my only issue.

(Harry Coelho) #440

I do get my salary paid into my Monzo, but have been reluctant to close my old current account simply because if I ever need to pay cash into my account, I have a branch down the road I can do this with.

The one other thing holding me back is the lack of a Joint Account. I have one with my partner that we use for bills, rent and groceries and any other purchases that we wish to share.

The other perk of this account is cash back on bills and included mobile phone and travel insurance. I know I could find alternative services for the insurance coverage but the cash back is nice and it still ends up being worth it after the monthly fee for the account.

(Nick) #441

Similarly, but not quite the same; I always want to carry at least one Mastercard and at least one Visa card. In the past, this has been straightforward as bank card has been Visa and credit cards Mastercard.

With Monzo being Mastercard, only way to keep a Visa card is to keep my legacy account open.

Granted I’m keeping it anyway for the linked regular saver account, but even if I didn’t have that or anything else, the above is why I’d still keep it. To have an alternative in case of Mastercard issues.


Could be a pain, but are you able to withdraw it over two days :see_no_evil:


Barclaycard credit cards are Visa (mine is, anyway) :slight_smile:

(Nick) #444

Point taken :sweat_smile:
If I could add that I am speaking from my current experience, and I don’t want to sign up for any more credit cards, that should cover it, I think :slight_smile:

(Ray Singh) #445

Thank you. Managed to persuade my landlord to accept it as a SO via Monzo :smiley:

(Andre Borie) #446

We need a new challenger bank that issues Visa cards.

(Marcel Ruhf) #447

Revolut already does.


True, they do, but Revolut is not a bank.

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