If you haven't moved over, what's stopping you from making Monzo your main bank?

So what gives you such little confidence in Monzo?

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Not to mention Monzo has same level of protection as those legacy banks - so if either were to go kaput :boom: you’d be in the same position



And took all sort of debatable paths to do so

It was not as if they drew down on money they had been holding back to spare blushes, for example:

It seems that their reasons for keeping away from goverment money were not totally as they wished to spare the taxpayer:

both banks kept their distance from government money and are now in a position to exploit opportunities in sectors such as investment banking at the expense of weaker rivals


Lack of being able to set custom payee images (still!) and the fact Pot moves are not taken from budget (of that is still the case).

What’s your other bank, if they are the two points holding you back?


I was NatWest and went Full Monzo, but there were things lacking so I then went to Starling to see if their offerings were better - no budgeting but I created a spreadsheet to do that which I use until all of my committed payments have gone… but it’s a hassle when Monzo could have originally easily have done it just but taking money to pots out of my budget (basically considering a pot as spending)

The custom images thing comes from my app development past (not a developer myself, I hasten to add) - having half monogram and half logo really bugs me…

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I have just nipped back over to my rather dormant Starling account

They have still not updated any of my merchant suggestions. My Monzo is in reasonable shape there

Also there is still no option to enrich my incoming salary on direct credit as I’ve done since moving it to Monzo

Think I’ll stay where I am personally

Could you expand on what’s missing in this regard?

I don’t think this is a shock to anyone who’s ever read one of your posts… :joy_cat: :mondo:

@codf - so basically let’s say I have Dave Smith as a person I send money to, I want to be able to have. Picture of Dave against hose payments/his payee instead of having coloured circles with “DS” in them. It’s purely an aesthetics thing.

@SouthseaOne I noticed they are rubbish with merchant updates, and their customer care is atrocious, in one chat I thought I was in a fight with an internet troll… I have to admin a Monzo is superior but there are just the odd things that would bug me if it was my every day bank.


Joint accounts should offer the same (or close to) features as personal accounts.


I would like to see custom photos for contacts/payees. That is something that Starling handles really very well, though apparently from above I am a Monzo apologist blinded by total loyalty so I am probably not allowed to say that

Seems like this should not be too difficult to implement given that the upload functionality was added to pots, but it does seem to be taking its time for reasons very much unknown


It’s probably not so much that upload functionality has been added but more likely that pots and payees are stored/handled differently.

I suspect there are more payees than pots and (simplistically), the database that stores payees would need amending to point to a location for the image.

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I’ve used Monzo since the beta periods. But! Was never overly convinced it would be a great idea to do. I’ve now changed my MINDD!! Monzo is currently in the switch process for me. Changing over from Barclays to Monzo, seems like an absolute no-brainer.


Another reason I haven’t gone full monzo yet is that I can’t pay in cash without being charged a fee. I’ve just received a sum of cash that I will have to pay into my other bank a 50 minute plus round trip for me but the sum is over the paypoint limit and I don’t fancy being charged to deposit it either.


You don’t have a post office closer?

I’ve done the opposite, Barclays is now my main account. Monzo is a backup account.

Not having a Direct Debit pot to keep bills money separate from spending money!
Will switch from old bank should this ever happen!

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Do you get this option at your legacy bank? I’ve never seen this offered anywhere.

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