If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

There was a trip that had all of this and more on HotUK deals the other day.

It finished a 3 week trip with LA off the top of my head.

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Good to know.

Alas I can’t (as a contractor) afford to take 3 weeks off any time soon but if I win the lottery… (note to self: start playing the lottery*)

* not really gonna do that...

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Bhutan. Until fairly recently, it was one of the most untouched countries, unblemished by television and with an undiluted culture. Things have changed somewhat, but it retains some of that authenticity.

The country opened to tourism a few years ago, and their government has sought to limit the adverse impacts of tourism by restricting numbers through a minimum daily spend ;which was around USD150 last time I checked - so not ideal for a backpacking holiday!). Would love to go.

Otherwise, Hokkaido, which is one of Japan’s slightly wilder and more remote islands.

I’ve been lucky and have had the opportunity to travel all over the place with work, I loved the jungle in Belize, I went horse trekking through the Rockies while in Canada, skydiving in California which included San Diego San Francisco and Vegas, I saw Petra in Jordan and swam/floated about in the dead sea then snorkled in the red sea, while in Iraq I got the chance to go to the hanging gardens of Babylon, Sarajevo in Bosnia is an amazing city to visit and Kenya avoiding lions and elephants to name just a few favourites. I always wanted to visit iceland and bingo work pull it out of the bag and are sending me in September WIN.
My top places to visit now are South America id like to travel all over and tour the Amazon, Cuba as I here it’s pretty cool, Japan as I’ve always liked Japanese history and culture, and I’d love to take the family to Florida to do Disney and universal.

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Is the past and the future an option :thinking:

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The future is screwed so don’t go there.


Of course it is. Both;

May I ask who you work for, what you do and ARE THEY HIRING?!!

I’d like to go to the YMCA.

You can get yourself clean, you can get a good meal, you can hang out with all the boys


I’m in the forces so as much as I’ve been to see some good places. I’ve been to some terrible ones too.


Guessed that but didn’t want to presume.

I thought you might have done.
Presumption is after all the mother of all cock ups.

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Do I need a reason? :slight_smile:

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My 7 year old wants to go to New Zealand to see the orcas there.