If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

Where do you want to travel to and why?

Upstairs to bed right now.

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Everest. It is on my bucket list. Although my daughter has said I can only climb it when I am diagnosed with a terminal illness and I am going to die anyway :joy::joy::joy:


Back in time. October 25th, 1985

Then I can jump in that DeLorean and program the heck out of that flux capacitor.

Lapland. You can stay in an ice hotel, see the northern lights, go for a husky sleigh ride

Or Marrakesh or North Korea. I have lists for when I win the lottery

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I would say the moon, but I’d probably be too nervous.

Iceland. No pun intended, but it seems like it would be a pretty cool place to visit.

Just on the marrakesh one i seen a cracker deal with direct flights from belfast in december for 4 nights for £159 pp… it was with clubworld lisburn road if you want to have nosey on their fb it should be there.

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Unfortunately i’ll need to wait another 10 years til I can leave the kids home alone without the social services getting annoyed :grin:
Thanks though :raised_hands:

Hoping to go to Boston for my 40th next year… I hear Lincolnshire is lovely in February.

Also Boston in the US of A as well I guess, as I’m a big Patriots / Red Sox fan and would love to get to a game over there. Also like to do a train journey across Canada.

I’m not a huge fan of beach holidays but I’d love to go to Cuba (again)… do a bit of snorkelling and generally just lounge around reading books, chilling and looking out on the Atlantic / Caribbean.


Was in Boston a few weeks ago, lovely city. If you hit that area, head up to Cape Cod too, Provincetown is lovely wee town. And you can spend a few hours kayaking (we went with Cape Kayaking and it was an awesome few hours on the water!)

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Japan for me, although it would probably be a 4 week trip… Singapore, couple of stops in Japan, the Sydney and Wellington (the latter two to see family), and then round to San Fran, a pit stop in New York (again, family) and done.

Then no travelling for at least 10 years as christ knows what my carbon footprint would like after that epic!

Oh. This reminded me…
10 years ago I was fantasising about doing this: USA coast to coast
It’s a train ride across the US…
Sad that the old Penn Station in NYC is gone… :expressionless:


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Thanks for the advice, I’ve heard good stuff about most of the surrounding areas. Kayaking sounds amazing… not my usual scene but open to new experiences!

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The guide was great, takes out ‘rookies’ all the time, and it’s a pretty easy thing to get the basics of. They’ve got a page on Facebook.

I’d like to start my journey with Italy. This country is so unique, there are so many beautiful landscapes. Besides, I like Italian food. Actually, I want to visit as many countries as possible. By the way, what are some interesting travel blogs? Who can recommend?

I would really like to go to Japan or China.

I’d go back to 1956 and the Isle of Wight…

Ah no - that’s the same thing :astonished:

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I would love to go back to NZ, went for my honeymoon nearly 10 years ago and spent 3 weeks touring in a crappy camper… would love / will do it again, but the camper wont be so crappy :):star_struck:

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