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This provides the information:

Before you start, you’ll need your mobile phone and a valid ID. We accept your:

  • Passport
  • Driving licence (your provisional is fine)
  • National ID card
  • Biometric residency permit

Maybe @Dan5 can advise :eyes: But I don’t think either of those fall into those 4 categories.


To get a citizen card don’t you need government ID in the first place to confirm who you are, so could your friend not use a provisional / driving license / passport which is normally required to get the citizen card?

I don’t see why citizen card wouldn’t count as national ID.

I’ve been using mine for everything since provisional driving licence expired, including online verification (did Coinbase with it recently).

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Some companies let you use expired ones although it varies place to place

Get a provisional

More expensive but it’s going to be accepted in a lot more places.

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No? CitizenCard requires official documents and that can include a birth certificate and proof of address (Utility bill, Council Tax Bill) and you need either these two types of “referees”, 1) referees validating the original document(s) and 2) referees confirming from official records. So someone who has a profession and who can see them documents such as, birth certificate and a bill and needs to confirm them.

The person in question doesn’t have a passport but she has a birth certificate and a utility bill and a council tax bill that’s why I’m asking if them listed cards in OP are accepted here at Monzo as national ids.

Person in question can’t drive due to her serious health conditions and wouldn’t be able to see a license plate from 20 meters as that’s a requirement for a Provisional ID so that’s not really relevant.

Yeah my question is does the option “National ID” fall order the categories of a CitizenCard and Post Office Pass?

The website says differently. It says you’re required to have a photo ID. This is to prove the fraud and prove it’s you. Unless you go down the referee route which will require someone else to sign a legal document stating the photos are off the person in question

Sadly I don’t think theirs any bank that will accept citizen card either after doing a quick search. Mostly as it’s not government issued and technically can be self made, so to prevent crime they’re avoided.

If you look at the reviews most shops don’t take them either even tho the website says it’s accepted everywhere people are saying different.

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But rude. What did I do wrong? Im only trying to help stating that the citizen ID won’t work to open an account and it’s not as easy to get one.

Here’s my source too:

As you can see

It says when using something like a passport you just need the photo but as I mentioned if you don’t have that you need to go down the referee part which requires an additional person.

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Is a passport not an option? It’s valid for 10 years, and there is no need to ever even want to travel. The fee, over the lifetime of the passport, comes out at less than £1 per month, well worth it to save some headaches.

Way to get your knickers in a twist over someone trying to help. Citizen card is not a government issued ID as it is not issued by the Government.


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No one said it isn’t ID.

I can see this thread getting locked :frowning:

@AlanDoe do we have any specifics regarding ID as mentioned here?

We weren’t debating whether it’s ID or not. It is just not an official, Government-issued photo ID which most, if not all banks require.

Your thread has been answered in the first comment, the rest is just unnecessary.

Thanks @ndrw This is what I was trying to explain but got backlash :disappointed: