Ideas for left over money

Ah right. Not something that’s going to happen, something that might happen.

I’ll just jump ship for a switching bonus if and when the time comes (unless the packaged accounts are worth having).

It’s the Mail so it could be something TSB haven’t even thought of doing


Yeah it’s a might but it’s probably true.

Here’s the official slides shown. No interest on the paid account either, the £3 subscription text says “£3 bolt on let’s you withdraw cash abroad with no unexpected fees”. :roll_eyes: great


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Looks rather similar to Monzo Plus. Even down to the card colours. :joy:



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Just seen a TSB TV ad still advertising the 3% so looks like they’re keeping it going. Would anyone be so kind as to send me a referral via PM?


The TSB website now shows the following on the Classic Plus Account:

3% AER / 2.96% gross variable interest paid on balances up to £1,500 only. Please note the interest rate will be 1.50% AER/1.49% gross variable from 2 May 2020

Sad as I’ve just switched, but I’ll take my switching bonus and use this instead of Marcus once the bonus runs out.

Was it always £1500. So basically instead of the max being £45, they’ve halved that to £22.50 a year or ~£1.88 month.

Not sure how long it’s been £1500 but the recent change was halving the interest rate.

It’s still a pretty good rate considering the market but a bit disingenuous that they’ve just been running a TV ad campaign (might even still be running) with the 3% headline.

We’ll all the rates are poor at the moment so it makes little difference. If you took the Marcus 1.35% Vs 1.5% instead as an example.

£1500*0.0015 = £2.25 over a whole year.

Lucky to get a sandwich these days for £2.25