ID Verification help please


How do I know if my account has been verified? I can’t find anything which tells me one way or another. I’m going away in a couple of weeks so don’t want to get caught out. I thought I’d already been verified but now I’ve read on here about taking a photo and providing a video. I’m on Android.


Best thing to do is check out this video.

Luckily it can be sorted very quickly, usually within a day so no need to panic just yet.


Hi Ben,
Thanks for the reply. I know I haven’t had to provide documentary evidence or create a video but it looked like my limits were high. I decided to contact support who told me that I was indeed verified but I’ve found the whole thing a bit baffling, to be honest!

(Alex Sherwood) #4

Ah I think what Ben meant was that, that video explains how to check whether you’re verified & view your limits.

For the benefit of other users, you can also check your limits by following the steps in these guides -

(Rika Raybould) #5

To clarify, it appears that you have been automatically verified using the information you submitted when signing up.

Submitting documents is required when this information can’t be matched against various records such as the electoral register.