Icon Badge to show current balance

(Damon Meadowcroft ) #1

I think it would be a great idea to have an option for the icon badge to show your current balance? I know some weather apps etc can show the current temperature as the icon badge, so there must be a way of implementing this.


I think this would be a security/privacy risk for most people.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable having this feature enabled.


Sounds like a security/privacy issue waiting to happen, in my opinion.


On iOS you have the widget and Android you can use IFTTT to display a daily budget. Hopefully an actual Android widget will be added in the future.

It’s not really a security issue, perhaps a privacy one - but if it’s optional and off by default it doesn’t really matter.

That said, showing it as an app icon badge is a bit of a clunky and inelegant way to do it.

(Lancelot Payne) #5

Feel as though this would a security/privacy issue therefore wouldn’t want to have this information displayed.

(Damon Meadowcroft ) #6

At the end of the day it’s all down to choice, it would be up to the user if they wanted this switched on.


What about if we look at it from a icon design standpoint.

How do you suppose it would work?

(Nick) #8

I think it would probably be against the design guidelines for the platforms to show something other than notification count in the badge. I can’t think of any other apps that do something different.

(Charlie Kelly) #9

Absolutely agreed. Maybe a colour indicatior (red/orange/green) depending on budget remaining? Definitely don’t want the figure.

(Charlie Kelly) #10

Also a very valid point. Opens up a whole new can of worms. iOS doesn’t natively do it at the moment and I don’t think Android does, so it wouldn’t be easy to implement.


I think it’s a cool idea @Ukdamon :clap:t3:

(Alex) #12

Fantastical does it to show the current date, and I believe a few other calendar apps do too. So nothing new there.

(Alex) #13

Fantastical :v:t2:

(Nick) #14

The original post was talking about the badge, which is the little number in the red circle. Dynamic icons are totally possible, but it’s not quite the same deal as a calendar. There’s a much smaller set of possible values that a calendar can show, and it only needs to change once a day. (Of course the iOS clock updates continuously but I suspect that’s not available to developers). Even then, Apple are real picky about what these features are used for.

(Alex) #15

Yeah and I’m also talking about the badge…

See image:


That would drive me insane.

I would constantly feel like there were things that needed my attention! :joy:

(Kieren) #17

Same! it looks like all they are doing is setting the unread count to the same number as the date…