Offering a HomeVantage Current Account, some savings options, mortgages and other lending.

Card design:

Excuse my crappy photo, it isn’t yellow, a really nice black and better than the Barclays Premier card.


Interestingly, the card was sent Royal Mail Tracked 24. It does not support Apple Pay, the app seems temperamental, it has locked me out. Never had this issue with any bank, ever. Will be calling now.

Was this the one you sent when they kicked you out like straight away?


Well, I’ve now been on the blower. I’m back in!

She was super speedy and efficient, the IVR only had 3 options I needed to choose, no call queue. No rapport or anything, but she was knowledgeable, despite yawning haha

For those wondering what their 3d Secure / Verified by Visa / Online Payment Authentication screen looks like (forgive my Paint skills):

What’s the difference/perks between them and say a standard UK bank?

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Absolutely none, cool card design and app. I can transfer to India cheaply, but I’ve no need for that.

Ah fairs so one for collecting not using lol

I’m going to go full ICICI until my BOC is opened, then go full BOC as planned.

Fair enough, any reason for this?

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British banks suck. I’ve tried them all and I do not like them. Monzo is OK but there’s too much going on. Revolut have frozen me for paying my salary in - so I am disillusioned with our ones.

Plus, for all intents and purposes, BOC UK and ICICI UK are British/UK banks.

Any credit searches? Any need to speak to anyone in the applications process? Need to submit ID electronically or straight through?

Any pics of the app?

I did look into it a while ago but decided cba. I like the map on the card though.

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Also what are their savings rates like atm? Any good?

Are the current account/savings linked on the same app?

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Sorry for the 50 questions! Any perks to using it in India if you travelled there?

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No credit searches on my Experian, Equifax or TransUnion files.
No need to speak to anyone, even card activation can be done in-app.
You submit a UK passport via the App, print off a signature mandate PDF and then sign and take a photo of it.

You are then provided your sort code, account number, Customer ID, and Internet Bank ID (the latter two are the same, really…)

You set an MPIN which is your 6-digit PIN and then I enabled biometrics.

Note: I have sent myself a Faster Payment of £5 from Monzo to ICICI, in order to test the flow for opening the Savings Account - It took a few minutes, possibly 5-6, not bad, just to note. It was not even app reloading, took a good while by nowadays standards.

As for opening a savings account, it is instant, but you must deposit a nominal amount (I presume the minimum is a quid, but I did a fiver). It shows in the app as you’d expect.

As for savings rates, they are 3% for easy-access and slightly higher for locked in, starting at 6 months.

As for perks for traveling to India, you can do NRI transfers, remit INR though debit card purchases in India are still charged a Currency Conversion fee of 2.75% :frowning:

Some photos of the app are here:

Internet Banking photos:

This ‘Setup Direct Debit’ has really piqued my interest.

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Sorry, to clarify do you need a printer to complete the application?

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Ah I’d have to do that at work - I don’t think I’d want to be questioned on why I’m printing off an ICICI form to get a card with a map on it! (I am a bit of a map lover though, so let’s see…)

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Would they?