I was just about to switch to Monzo fully then something occured to me that is now preventing me

£12 here.

Why is my haircut so expensive?

Perhaps you have hair? As my niece once pointed out, “Uncle Spike won’t get nits, they need hair to live in”.


There is that! But @rasasu looks like he’s got a decent head of hair!

Indeed. We need the address of his barber!


Also what happened to your June haircut?!

Also makes me realise I pay wayyyy to much for a trim…

From my experience most places prefer transfers nowadays, banks charge for cash deposits on business accounts usually now also.

As suggested keep another bank account open if this is an issue. Plus it’s always good to have a backup card anyways.

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Busy working in A&E at random hours and shifts, didn’t have time to get a haircut. Lol.


A vast amount of trades persons use cash as a way to adjust their income.
I’m not labelling you a tax cheat but it happens it’s less traceable.

I’m guessing you’ve never had a trade person offering discount for cash?

He also looks like he’s sporting a beard :thinking:. What’s your barber doing for the four quid, @rasasu ?


I have indeed. My objection was more based on the fact your comment suggested anyone using cash was doing something shady which just isn’t the case.

Lol, guys. Stop trolling . That’s an old profile pic

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my haircut cost me £15

I do this as well, took a bit of convincing but let me do it in the end…

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He has been my barber for almost 8 years. I have converted him to Monzo too. Haha