I tried to take cash out at ATM, no money came out, but I've been charged

I tried to take cash out at ATM, no money came out, an error message came up, but I’ve been charged. Also contacted the bank whose ATM it was - they have it down as a failed transaction, and told us to contact Monzo. Monzo app says to wait 7 days for it to be returned - it’s been 11 days now, and counting and still nothing.

The app is pretty much useless with sorting this out…!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome Gwennan, that’s a massive pain!

There’s some similar threads that might be useful:

In that thread there’s a reference to a this help article:


Drop Monzo message in support

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Nobody here can help you. You’ll need to speak to Monzo directly.

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How do i do that? Thanks!

Thanks! Yes - that’s all I’m seeing is this message, but when i tap “SOMETHING WRONG? GET HELP”, there is not an option to dispute the payment for a refund?!

Currently in Laos, which not many places take card - so sorting this out would be amazing!!
Thanks for your help!!

Thanks Revels! Is there an email address or contact info you know of at all? Thanks!

There was a long post on here maybe a month ago about how the ATMs work and how the balance etc, I’ll see if I can find it. I would suspect it’s the ATM provider fobbing you off.

For Monzo, you have 3 contact options

Chat - Search “contact” in the app and it should appear
Email - help@monzo.com
Phone - Number is on the back of your card

Found it

Some good info in there


Thanks Revels!

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