I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

(Jennifer) #84

Noooooo, keep the hot coral. It stands out amongst my other bank cards and store loyalty cards, driving licence etc. No faffing around searching for it

(Leon) #85

No give people the choice, if they want to choose Hot Coral then fine. If not then there is/are (a) different choice(s) available.


I think there should be two choices:
Hot Coral
Hot Coral
i.e. like it or lump it

(Leon) #87

Really? Honestly?


Yes, for years until Monzo take off, then introduce choice. But while we still getting known they need to stick with the stand out colour for the talking factor. Once big they can have a choice. Just like Fords now come in lots of colours but originally you could have any colour as long as it was black.

(Only available in amateur ) #89

And the cost factor. Easier and cheaper to manufacture all the same

(Leon) #90

Black is not a marmite colour as Hot Coral is that’s the difference, well for some it might be who knows?

I don’t think it should be a choice of take it or leave it as that can and will put people’s backs up. Even the illusion of choice is enough to satisfy people. But no choice? That’s not good.


correct…that is a very dark brown :wink:

(Leon) #92

Indeed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s a card I would use Anywhere!


It’s also the one that gets turned down in pubs because people abused them in the past


Well done, you’ve taken a unique, stylish and eye catching design and made it just like every other mundane debit card from every other dull bank in history. Thought this was an April Fool’s joke at first. Apologies if it’s a genuine attempt but it fails to capture anything about why I like Monzo.

(colin) #97

Why on earth would you change colour or use blue?
I have never been asked in the past what kind of card I was using but happens a lot with
the hot coral pink Monzo.
At a stroke you would kill this free marketing.

(Only available in amateur ) #98

Some comments are rude and insulting for no obvious reason. You can say you don’t like it without turning it into a flame war :confounded:

(Kenny Grant) #99

I agree, we should keep this respectful and avoid personal comments.

I’m not keen on the blue personally but it takes a lot more effort to come up with suggestions than to criticise. I’m glad the original poster made this thread as there have been lots of nice ideas raised, and it’s interesting to see all the designs, including the first.

(christoph) #100

Keep it Pink like before please and bring it over to Berlin with addresses in the EU to register with! Thanks!!!

(Philip) #101

I’d love the choice of neon colours. Personally I don’t like coral but I love its visibility. Please lets just have a choice of bright NEON colours… maybe: yellow / magenta / cyan / lime green? OK you can keep Coral as a choice. Then there is neon rainbow! Lets have the most visible cards of all and Black for those who want stealth mode.

(Frank) #102

It’s funny that some of the comments think Monzo may be changing the card colour but Monzo have not made any comments to suggest such a change. If anything they have affirmed it is staying :joy:

I think it’s great design work. And would be good as an option. Personally I am torn on the cars colour as it does stand out but for me maybe too much :slightly_smiling_face:

(Graham) #103

I quite like the hot coral design because I get comments such as “Wow, you aren’t going to lose that card so easily are you.” It’s basically a conversation starter and allows me to explain what Monzo actually is and how it’s benefited me since using the card for almost a year now. Surprisingly, young adults are happy to give Monzo ago and a few have stuck with Monzo and fully switched over.

However, just like what @evangelskies said, it would be cool in the future to offer a service similar to Barclays where you could upload your own custom image. Alternatively, you could do what Virgin Money does and pick from a dozen pre-defined themed cards. For example; the Hot Coral card will be the default for all unless they specify otherwise, and one of the other pre-defined themed cards could be @fwzmhmd card design.


Do not change the Hot Coral please!!!