I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?


Encouraging to see that a start-up challenger bank is bucking the reputation of legacy banks by not being profligate with investor funds.

No. Wait… :thinking:

(Tony) #65

Yes, they should all be in a concrete bunker with no windows and no fun whatsoever. That ALWAYS encourages people to give their all at work.

No. Wait… :thinking:


Tongue-in-cheek comment, Tony. Nothing more.

(Tony) #67

Ditto, Johnny :kissing_heart:



(Rhys) #69

DON’T DO IT! This is your USP! You have no idea how many people have asked me what is that crazy coloured card when I’m using it to pay and are now using Monzo. This looks like every other card out there. BE DIFFERENT.


Absolutely this.


Totally agree.


Rubbish. If Monzo’s USP was simply the colour of the card, they wouldn’t have a business.

(https://youtu.be/5DmYLrxR0Y8) #73

I’d pay for a premium card that was as minimalist as legally/contractually feasible. The less info the better.

(Wilhelm Erasmus) #74

It looks quite similar to how i remember the Monese card looking. I really love the coral orange <3.

(Peter McDonald) #75

But the logo is there, I see it. Maybe you don’t see it as the logo has been changed to Hot-Coral. Its very subtle

(Peter McDonald) #76

Remember having to cut up someone’s card in front of them after calling 1 of those authorisation numbers. Also then had to proceed to ask him if he had any other cards and was told to do the same. If memory serves you used to get £25 for cutting someone’s card upon request.

(Andre Borie) #77

At the risk of getting punched in the face (or worse) if you were dealing with a professional fraudster. They tend not to like it when you cut their cash cow in half. :joy:

(Only available in amateur ) #78

The shop got it everywhere I worked. Hated doing it but meh, it was common, Barclays cut mine up in front of me on Christmas Eve. Normally it was because you used it as a cheque guarantee card repeatedly when your account was empty and you were waiting for your student loan to come through.


I had a platinum RBS credit card with tens of thousands credit limit cut up in a florist shop because their processor NatWest made a mistake! I was not at all happy :frowning:

(Peter McDonald) #80

The customer I had I think was not able to pay for what he’d been buying. Felt sorry for him to be honest. He was a regular in the business I worked in. He took it quite well, suspect it came as little surprise.

(Tony Sian) #81

Keep that Hot Coral, baby! Keeps us unique and sparks chats about Monzo.

(John MacLeod) #82

Keep the hot coral card colour. It’s not a thing of beauty but it most certainly is easy to find in a wallet full of cards.


No!! Keep the hot coral!! Be different!!