I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

(Matt McSherry) #248

On rare occasions, stores can lose phone connections meaning they can’t process card transactions. There is a manual way around this where they can take an imprint of your card (to prove it was in the store) and the setting of the type has to be standard for the carbon paper to capture the information directly.

Like I say it’s rare, but it is useful.

(William Brown) #249

I like cash back idea but to me wheather I spend 10p or £7.99 I get 1p back so the more you do lower the value the more chance you’ll gain than the higher the value of transaction as ninimum value of any cashback is 0.1% back on every transaction in Europe and UK and 1% back elsewhere in world

(Jack) #251

It was a travel card company which has since stopped operating, not sure if they would have been classed a fintech though.

(Conor Hackett) #252

I am sure the card schemes insist on their logo being included on the front…

(Conor Hackett) #253

In new age cards I would like to see the embossing gone, and in fact the card number, dates and cvc. I am happy to not be able to pay if a merchant pulls out a Zip Zap…

In my view, my payment card should be a token to prove my physical presence at the point of transaction (backed up by PIN) or via unverified contactless.

There is still so much risk associated with PAN + Expiry + CVC that I think it should be removed from cards. There are other solid channels for distributing and protecting this information.

I’ve recently seen a payment product offer a physical card and also the option to create disposable cards (VCC) in app for online transactions.

Perhaps in the future, physical cards will not be able to transact online and VCCs will be used for that. This would in turn render the physical cards PAN etc kind of redundant as it can only be used for transactions that are signed by the cards private key via EMV.

(William Brown) #254

I think monzo should offer a few options relating to cards like Revolut from standard to premium designs to metal designs and monzo can offer a range designed to fit the users of the services some people are happy with what they have others aren’t why can’t there be say 3 or 4 options when it comes to ordering the correct card for them and it would make life easier for people where the bright colour is a no no when it comes to their disability but the customer shouldn’t be disregarded if colour of card is not an option


Good idea. Barclays lets you have a favourite photo on their bank cards which makes it personal. When I was with them I had one of one my favourite beaches.


Are the photos checked?

Could you just upload a photo of a Monzo card? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #257

No. There are a couple of categories of images which would prevent you identifying Monzo, from what I can see in the Ts&Cs. No banks/financial, no company trademarks etc.


Could you just upload a solid coral coloured square I wonder?

I have a Barclays account I might give it a try.

It would still have the Barclays logo but would look like a Monzo card from a distance :slight_smile:


Has Monzo registered hot coral as a trademark (or whatever)? If it’s allowed they probably should - it’s so associated with Monzo now.


I love the current debit card design. Hot Coral is such a unique colour and it’s synonymous with Monzo now.

(Francesco Galletta) #261

Maybe a dumb suggestion but would be great if we could personalise to some extent the card.

I have 2 cards and my girlfriend 2 and trust me, can get pretty confusing.

Let me put an emoji or something, I do not want to resource to getting a sticker.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #262


(Francesco Galletta) #263

Will update you with the final result.


I found the Barclays Debit Card uploader site. How weird is this???

(Only available in amateur ) #265

It’s not bright enough


Weirdly I took the hot coral colour block from the pantone site.

I do wonder if Barclays would reject it. I might open an account just to find out :grinning:

(Only available in amateur ) #267

See if you can spot where I got the image to upload



Can you do one in teal, too? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: