I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

(Glenn Lewis) #228

Used to work in an Apple Store, and when our EasyPays (iPod Touches in a big dock) went down, the old swipers came out. Seeing some of the younger members of staff react to them was hilarious!

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #229

Yes. Starling provide your card details in–app.

(Stephen Spencer) #230

Can the numbers be written with a pen if you have to use swipers? Given that it’ll be a member of staff doing it, there’s only the risk of mis-copying rather than fake numbers? Or does it not clear unless the imprint is robotic-looking/ocr-able?

(Nick) #231

I think the impression taken by the machine is needed as proof that the card was present


I’ve seen it done by hand before…

(Richard) #233

Maybe, technically there’s nothing to stop the merchant writing down the details.

Just like ordering something over the phone (and paying by card), if it was your local take away, they’d punch your cards details into the card machine to process the payment.

(William Brown) #234

Found this from Revolut they are gonna offer a steel card

(Andy) #235

It’s being chatted about in the revolut thread. feels a bit gimmicky but who knows! I’m more interested in the manufacturing process!

(Jack) #236

a big gimmick in my view, why not make the standard card design have different colours etc.

I’d be surprised if many people decided to go with them just because they have a metal card


I wanna know how the contactless works with it. I hope you dont have to use it on a certain side or something.

(William Brown) #238

This how it should look


Can’t say I’m that impressed. The best thing is the MasterCard logo lol.

(William Brown) #240

How about a monzo card in metal there will be a statement and a half then

(Only available in amateur ) #241

Wouldn’t that statement be ‘we are copying the rest’?

(Eve) #242

I was expecting it to look a bit more “metal”. The Mastercard logo is really nice on that though!

(William Brown) #243

You need to see in person to see how it will actually look. They run out of the initial supply so quick


Steel if it gets bent or knocked would drive me crazy as it would be dead noticeable. Imagine the fund try to snap it though, prob be pretty difficult.

Like the design, but guessing same look could of been done with plastic?

(Richard) #245

still a fan of the N26 one though :heart_eyes:


(Jack) #246

Meh …

(Richard) #247

Each to their own…