I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

(Jack Stride) #208

When I see another Monzo card I always think to myself “eeee, another monzo-naut!!” :man_astronaut:

(Ryan Varley) #209

Exactly! That moment when you buy something and the cashier is like “It’s all about the Monzo card” xD

(Jason Mills) #210

I designed a couple of new card designs after Starling had launched there vertical cards as it seems like monzo need to refresh there card design. Introducing ‘Coral Blue’ & ‘Pink Panther’. Feedback is Welcome :slight_smile:


This is because of the colour of the card and not the design :wink:

I feel that Monzo card is ripe for a refresh. Keep the colour but introduce new, modern solutions for Monzo card. It will represent progressive thinking which is what Monzo stands for :face_with_monocle:


Now these are certainly different to what we’ve seen before! I wonder what that design would look like in hot coral…? :thinking:

(Jason Mills) #213

I’ll have a play in Photoshop and see what i can produce. :slight_smile:

(William Brown) #214

Free publicity people instantly think monzo or ask what’s that it’s cool

You could add the monzo logo along with the words monzo on the front add more than just monzo in words on it but I still think you need to stick with the monzo colour hot coral

I have permanent tsb card in Ireland they have standard colour or you can personalise it with picture but I use standard

Though virgin money use a picture on their card unique to them

(William Brown) #215

Cards without raised numbers are generally prepaid or electronic use only and can’t be used when card machine is offline status or when on manual use like using old style methods or over the phone and typing number in to machine as you can’t do that to those cards so you must have raised numbers on the card

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #216

I think raised numbers is probably a bit old fashioned now. If card machines go down some places write out your card details on an old fashioned slip, rather than use the old imprint slider, and Starling has just taken the decision to remove raised numbers from its brand new debit card.