I need transfer evidence to send to the school

I made a transfer for school fees yesterday and i need evidence of that particular transfer for yhem to restore the student ship of my cousin. Thank you

If you download a statement, would that be evidence enough?

No, because it will not contain details of the transfer and it will also include my other account details

Giving them a section of your statement or a screenshot of the transaction from the app are your only options.

It is not the best form please let us consider creating a pdf receipt of transaction because when you pay school issue you will be able to to generate receipt for the transaction

A screenshot of the transaction detail (tap on the transaction to get the full details) will show the sort code and account number of the recipient (the school) and the reference you provided for them to identify/reconcile the payment.

No recipient bank details are shown in the transaction details when we pay our schools for meals/trips/purchases, unfortunately, using online services to pay the schools with a one-off card transaction, per purchase. The transaction details only shows the name of the service used.

It does however show the date & time the payment was made at the very top.

A downloaded statement shows even less - the service, transaction amount and date is there - but no time is shown.

@Saheed - assuming you are using online services to pay, you can set them up to receive confirmation of payment via email. I do - and so can quickly prove that a payment was made.

I assumed that the OP meant for a bank transfer. If it was a card payment the merchant name and amount should surely be proof enough.

If you can get in touch with chat they can give you a modified “account ownership letter” which has the transfer details on for you.


Account ownership letter only confirms the OP has an account with us, won’t contain any transaction details.

Going off what the OP is saying it looks like they need a letter or a receipt just to confirm the transfer has been made.

This might be stupid a stupid question… but can’t they just look at incoming transfers on their bank account tomorrow? I assume it was made with Faster Payments.

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Some schools like to play hard and request some type of receipt - I’m not sure how school bank accounts work but I presume someone who isnt in the school does the banking off site?

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You can either use the old manual template, or use the free form box on supportal to add the details of the transaction in.

I’ve done it enough times :wink: