I have been scammed, would I get a refund?

Hi everyone,

I noticed unusual activity on my card so I called the helpline: a few moments later someone claimed Monzo called me back. They verified all my details with me eg date of birth, address and name. They told me my account is compromised and to upgrade the security I need to transfer the money to Monzo Admin. They said it’s urgent and someone is still trying to use my account. I was suspicious but they sent me a few text messages- by the way all under the same number as the Monzo helpline. Then they gave me the details and I sent the money over. After I hanged up, I googled this and obviously have realised this is a fraud. I immediately called Monzo who said I will need to wait for up to 15 days.

I just want to ask would I get a refund for this? They have taken all my money from the account, about £9000.

I would really appreciate you comments.

Thank you,


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Hi Zee.

I’m really sorry to hear how you’ve been scammed like this.

From history on here, Monzo does seem to return the money to you, if you can show you genuinely believed you were talking to Monzo.

Write a timeline of everything that happened. Use your call logs/texts for the times.

10:05 - Outgoing call to Monzo
10:19 - Incoming call from 0…
10:42 - Text message

etc etc.

15 days is industry standard and you’ve done the best thing you can by reporting it quickly.

Have a look here for people going through the same thing;

Try not to blame yourself for it. These scams are incredibly sophisticated these days and they make themselves very believable.


Thank you for your reply, Revels, it’s so helpful!

They are so smart these days- from sending me active card checks, to knowing the first three of my transactions, and using the same number as Monzo help line. I am extremely scared and nervous awaiting for the fraud team to investigate.

There’s been lots of discussion on this sort of thing here

I don’t think any of the people who reported fraud on that thread have failed to get their money back, though it can take some time, so as long as you give Monzo every bit of information you can recall, you’re in with a good chance.

Good luck :+1:

Hi there,

I received a short reply from Monzo and they said they were able to get some money back. However they are not sure how much is left and they are not credit for this.

Do you think I will be compensated if I only receive a small portion of the 9k back? Would they compensate it? I’m not sure if it’s one transaction why would they not get the full amount.

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It depends entirely on all the facts. I know it’s stressful, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait to see what happens. No one here will be able to give you a definitive answer, I’m afraid.


Some of the other threads linked to above would give more information. The problem is that Monzo can only get back money that’s in the account that you sent money to. So, for example, if you sent them a lot of money, and then that was transferred away, then they wouldn’t be able to get much more.

It’s a very complex thing, and requires a lot of interbank work, or connecting things up.

Best thing to do is hold tight, until Monzo have fully explored all options available to them.

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Hey Zee!

I’m so sorry to hear this has happened to you,

As many others here have said there is limited advice that can be given over the forum.

As long as you’re honest and provide as much detail as possible, our team will do their absolute best to help you :hot_coral_heart:


Hi Rosheen,

Thank you for your message.

I have also given a statement to 101 police and Action Fraud. I have not been contacted yet by the team but I will make sure I give all the details. I have a timeline of what happened, just hoping this will all be over soon.



The question in my mind: How do they get all this information about you in the first place? I get that your address is pretty much public, but how do they find the last 3 transactions, security questions etc? or are they guessing on both counts and waiting for you to confirm it’s correct?

This isn’t targeted at Zee (I hope it’s sorted ASAP) just generally


I’m honest not sure- this is why I thought they were legit! They even said they know I bank with HSBC because they can see “apparently” on their screen that I have a direct debit from this each month. And they even got the ending digits right from my HSBC card!

I was convinced they are from Monzo, and they sent me a text message with Monzo’s number.

The person on the phone said someone was using my account with a Samsung S6 phone. And he asked me if they catch the person, do I want to persecute them by giving information to the police? Little did I know he is the criminal.

My account has been blocked now and I will receive a new card. I’m scared that they have hacked into my phone and got all my information. But they can’t do the transaction from their end maybe different address/location so they managed to convince me to do it myself. I changed my passwords of my email etc. But there are lots personal stuff so I’m unsure of what to do next.

“Luckily” they did give me a number account to transfer the money to, so hopefully police can tract it down and find the registered address or something.

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If your email has been hacked also check to see whether any email forwarding has been setup. I’ve seen that happen before and it allowed the criminal to continue to have access to any new mails come into the account. In that case I was able to alert the person via another method. (It was a “help I’m stuck and need money” type and as it legitimately came from that account I replied, luckily I did otherwise it could have taken longer to spot the issue.)

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