I Am Now Called Monzo Everywhere

In Germany, it’s traditional to give a Christmas bonus. But this is taxed. So the company pays the tax. But the tax is taxed. So the company pays that tax too. They do three rounds of this before the German version of the HMRC/IRS gives up.

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Here in Portugal its mandatory. It’s the same value as your regular monthly wage, so you basically get paid twice. How else would you buy nice Christmas gifts? :slightly_smiling_face:

That seems very confusing. Doesn’t it pay the same taxes as what you usually receive month to month?

To be clear, I have never worked or paid tax in Germany, this is just an anecdote from a friend who did.

Late reply, but PAYE people have to do SA forms once they earn over £100k.

I signed up for a Netflix free trial but did not realize they set my account name to the name on the card until I got this random notification


Probably some kind of autofill that you didn’t notice, my Netflix name is different from the one on the card I use to pay it

The terms seem to state it is prepaid. Which is right? No pun intended :smirk: :woman_mage:

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