Hyperlinks In New Tab

(Jonathon) #1

This is a suggestion… but one for the community. So I’m aware it might be completely impossible if Monzo have no control over it.

If it is, it would be so much better if clicking on a link opened it in a new tab and not the same one I’m using to view the forums.

I know right clicking and opening in a new tab works but, you know, I’m lazy :smirk:


You mean hyperlinks to external websites?

Makes sense. You can also hold down Command when you click on the hyperlink.

(Jonathon) #3

Yeah I mean hyperlinks. Sorry - assumed it would be obvious! I’ll try change that.

Oh I totally know how to open them in new tabs :rofl: but I’m just saying a very, very, very minor change would for it to just be standard. I never fully get websites that open in the same tab when you don’t want to navigate fully away from the previous page.


I agree with your thinking.

(Herp Derp) #5



Well, that has to be the fastest resolving feature request on this forum

(Jonathon) #7

Brilliant. Didn’t realise it was a preference.

(Gareth) #8

Maybe something to make as a default for new users?