HyperJar's Kids Card launching in November

Similar to Starling’s version, there is no app for the child, the account being run from the Adult account in-app.

Up to two free kids cards per adult account.

Sounds wicked, I’m seeing lots of these cards now, please Monzo offer this aswell

The likes of rooster and go Henry sound great but I can’t get over the fact it’s £2.99 a month (ish), I’d rather give that money to my child instead, in a years time he can get a 11+ bank account


100% agree, this should be something monzo offer, with so many adult fans wanting to and able to use the monzo features to get financially sorted, it’s only right that they want to educate the kids at the same time and what better way is there than the kids following example with their very own monzo account. :slight_smile:

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? :rofl: